Second digital photography class of 2011 Added

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beginners 101 Digital SLR: $ 190

Tuesday, April 5 & 12, 2011: 6:30 - 8:30 PM: Class 3 Field trip TBA

Nose Hill Public Library: Program Meeting Room

Have a good eye when taking pictures but they just aren’t coming out, on paper, the way you wanted or the way you pictured. This beginner’s course will show you the basics of how to take a great photograph. Learn how to use your camera on manual or automatic function and learn the understanding between shutter speeds, f-stops, ISO settings and how to use them to have complete creative control over your images. Learn the basics of all camera operations and functions and become familiar with photography terms, learn how to take great photos off of the automatic function.


  • Composition
  • Exposure (Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO)
  • Key camera settings
  • What to do with the images in the camera and how to print
  • Practical field trip (third class is 100% devoted to shooting and putting the principles we learned into practice)


Beginners include 6 hours of instruction in total.

(4 hours in-class and 2 hour field trip in the 3rd session)


Digital SLR or any point & shoot camera that can shoot in manual mode (”M”).

Contact information: Josie 403-547-3617

Registration begins Jan. 20, 2011

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